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Dave Haywood - Oricle

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I have seen an old tread in which Dave Haywood (Oricle) mentions a draft book on GM Cars built in the UK. Does anyone know if Dave is still on the site or have a copy of the draft? 


I suspect my 1934 50 was UK assembled but would like to confirm or disprove that theory.

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My understanding is Dave Haywood (Oracle) passed away some years ago (April 2012). No profile for "Guest Oracle" as no recent posts.

I have done a google search for that book, but looks not to have been formally published (could be wrong!)

A very knowledgeable gentleman




He did post in 2011 in https://forums.aaca.org/topic/159231-buick-built-in-london-uk/

From another thread in 2011



Oracle, I'd be especially interested on your views.

( FYI to all: I maintain a fairly extensive private correspondence with Oracle under his real name, but out here I use his forum name to respect his privacy. I think his comments will be of sufficient interest that they should be out here to benefit all of us. He's forgotten more than what I know about UK Buicks and is still ahead of me by at least 10 to 1.)


Post by Oracle 2006



Hi DC! Was just about to PM you to tell you that I had done a little work for you and our friend.

Here's a similar car imported into the UK by General Motors Limited of Hendon, London:

Rego NM 3652 SERIAL # 63741 ENGINE # X5809 Registered August 1923.

I keep a database of hundreds of Buicks and McLaughlin-Buicks imported in to the UK and also a model listing of every Buick type that I know of sold here from 1907 to 1949. That comes in handy when we have to deal with McL-Buicks from 1921 to say 1928 when CANADIAN AUTOMOTIVE HANDBOOK came out. CAH has details of Canadian serials and engine numbers from 1928 to 1939 although others have later editions. I rely on my 1943 BRANHAM'S for Canadian information for the 1938-1943 period.








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