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1981 Base Firebird engine need advice

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Dear all, I need some advice. I try to revive my 1981 Firebird V6. I know this is for most the least desirable version, but - I love it. When it was still running I had excellent gas mileage and I used it as a daily driver for a few years. Three years back it was flooded, fully, for a few days. We cleaned and dried it, as best as we could. I think the engine is safeable, but I want to get rid of the stock carburetor and intake manifold as the car is really heavily underpowered. Many years back I had bought an Edelbrock intake and the 1402 carb for my V6. Accidentally found both. This cannot be used with the computer unit that these cars have to reduce emissions, so the computer needs to go. No idea how much better this setup might be , but I am a little hesitant to spend 4000 Euros for a 403 Olds that was offered to me.


What else do I need for this project? A distributor I guess that does not depend on the computer? Can mine be adapted? Where can i find one? What else?  I am still in dismantling mode.


Any general advice?  I take everything! 😄 Thank you! 



Hans P1090581.JPG.2cad64cd2142cb92cebe180dc1a46c5e.JPG20240304_224833.jpg.3fdb8ba8aa918e0c5eccf1e1828dd1fc.jpg



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