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My new 1953 Pontiac chieftain

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So it’s my new car I named it hank it’s also my first car it’s a peace of work and runs great but has a bit of trouble when your not giving it gas it turns off also would anyone know why it would backfire I know like when the fuel and stuff gets in the pipe then it meets the air and then that that happens but would there be another reason

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Here's a discussion on a 52 from a while back. You might find something that can help.



Tell us your general location and maybe we can help you find an AACA group close by. They'll know who understands old cars and can work on them. Maybe look into a Pontiac-Oakland Club International membership too. https://www.poci.org/


And... if your Chieftain has its original straight-eight, the Flathead Pontiac folks have their own AACA Forum. If Charles Coker sees this discussion he is a skilled and invaluable resource on early 50s Pontiacs.




BTW we think it's cool when young people find an old car to love and enjoy. There are people who don't understand old cars and think they should perform exactly like a 2024. They don't. But these Pontiacs were everywhere in their time and were solid, reliable cars. They won't like freeway driving but they do like being driven. And they don't have to have modern engine swaps, disc brakes, suspension "upgrades" yadayadayada to be used and enjoyed.


Always think of Neil Young's ode to old cars.


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