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The tools were contained in the first kit, or what Metz called "Group 1".


A list of the contents of Group 1 is attached.  I have the manual in .pdf form, which is not an allowable attachment format in this forum.  If you want a copy of the .pdf file, PM me with your email address and I will send the file to you.  :)


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              I wonder if the tools listed in "Group 1" were the tools which the Metz company included for the purpose of merely assembling that kit and, perhaps, subsequent kits included additional tools as deemed needed by the company. 


             We all know that new cars included a tool kit, some kits were quite modest while others were more extensive. The Metz Plan Car is "a different breed of cat" because it was a "You Build It" automobile and, I think, they had to include everything the buyer would need to ASSEMBLE the car but maybe not what might be needed to DRIVE the car. The Group 1 list includes washers, cotter pins, etc. It would be interesting to closely examine the parts list for all of the kits which comprise the complete car to see if additional tools were included.


            I remember the Erector sets of my youth including a screwdriver and a wrench.



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