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  1. Bharper

    Metz Wheel Bearings

    Hello Everyone, My 1914 Metz Model 22 has one front wheel bearing which is nearing the end of its useful life. The other bearing on that wheel and the bearings on the other front wheel are serviceable. I have not looked at the rear wheel bearings just yet. My question is: Have any of you found modern replacements for the front wheel bearings and if so would you share the part numbers for the cone and cup? Studying the Metz parts book suggests that the rear outer bearing is the same as used on the front wheels and the the inner rear wheel bearing is different. Would any of you have numbers for that bearing as well? I doubt that I am the first Metz owner to have to replace the original ball bearings with modern tapered roller bearings and I am hoping that some good soul here will offer some assistance. If I am breaking new ground here then I will share whatever information I discover. Thank you in advance, Bill Harper Keene, New Hampshire
  2. Bharper

    Metz cars sold on ebay in CA

    Hi Steve Moskowitz, Would you be able to post any pictures of the recently donated 1914 Metz? I would sure like to see it. Thank you. Best Regards, Bill Harper Keene, New Hampshire
  3. Bharper

    Who Owns A Metz?

    Hello Everyone, I am happy to join this conversation. I purchased a 1914 Metz Model 22 about a year and a half ago. It is an older restoration. The colors are wrong (apparently the restorer liked yellow) but the car is reasonably complete and mostly correct. The engine number is 28284. I come from the Ford Model T world, so this is not my first rodeo. I will confess that learning to drive this car has been interesting, and that was something which I wanted to experience when I got my second brass era car. I am hoping to drive my Metz to the Annual Gathering at the museum in Waltham in July. Best Regards, Bill Harper Keene, New Hampshire
  4. Bharper

    Metz Model 22 Muffler

    I prefer large photos as they show more detail.
  5. Bharper

    Metz Model 22 Muffler

    Greetings Metz Masters, My understanding is that the cut out was only used when the motorist needed additional power, as when hill climbing, and thus hot exhaust gases would not often be blown onto the wooden running board support. My '14 Model 22 has a piece of sheet metal attached to that cross member to protect it from the hot gases when the flap is open. I do not know if it was installed by the fellow who restored my car back in the late '60s / early '70s or some previous owner. I doubt that it came from the factory. I have seen a picture of another Model 22 with a piece of tin wrapped around the wooden support as a protection. It is interesting, and as yet unexplained, that while all of the Model 22 mufflers have the cutout flap my car never had the pedal used to actuate the flap. There is no slot in the floorboard for the pedal. They are the original floorboards and not replaced. Good luck with your projects, Bill
  6. Bharper

    Metz models

    Greetings All, I feel a bit odd by replying to this old thread, but I was searching through old posts looking for anything related to Metz and found this one. I bought Ed's Metz. I will attach a few pictures of it which Ed used in his for sale ad on the HCCA website back in 2016. The car runs and drives. I have been getting it sorted with the intent of touring with it. The longest trip so far was 118 miles but, alas, it returned home on the ramp truck. Oh well. My long term goal is to prove that the Metz is not deserving of the miserable reputation with which many regard it. Hopefully I won't become Don Quixote astride Rocinante. Best Regards, Bill Harper Keene, New Hampshire
  7. Bharper

    Our first project, 1913 Metz 22

    Thank you, JV Puleo, this information may be useful to me as I continue to sort out my 1914 Metz Model 22. Best Regards, Bill