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70s NOS wire wheelcovers 15"

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  • rocketraider changed the title to 70s NOS wire wheelcovers 15"

On the middle-to-later 1980s GM wire wheel covers with the pop-out center section emblem for use with the OEM wheel lock capability, there were about 4 different wheel cover lock bolts (color-keyed).  Of course, nobody had the key to them after a few tire rotations.  I discovered the thread on those bolts was a common thread diameter and pitch.  After discovering this, I went and found a bolt from our stock, borrowed a wrench from a tech, and re-united the cover to its lug-nut-attached bracket.  Popped the center emblem back in and thanked the customer for coming to see us.  I told them what parts to get to do that deal and they smiled.




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