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36 bumper bracket direction


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I determined that to be the case as well, but it was really a guess 😅


I was just so excited to get the bumper back on I couldn't wait!  I present to you; the poor man's chrome!😅  front is so being worked on.   Maybe tomorrow. 



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What did you use to finish the bumper. it looks pretty good! Interesting about design, the Plymouths and Dodges look so much alike but on your car the tailamps are mounted low but the Dodges lamps are mounted about midway up the body. It's hard to find good original oval bumper bolts, but I got some at Restoration Specialties that are pretty close. Keep up the good work!

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It's vinyl wrap!  I'm amazed how well it turned out!  $240 for both bumpers and the 2 good guards I've got.   For the price difference, I'll run this until I can stomach the bill for chrome.  It's convincing at 10-15ft.  Up close you can tell it's not chrome, but still looks pretty good.   Prep is key.   They must be CLEAN AND SMOOTH.   I spent a full day sanding on them and still missed a few spots.   But I'm thrilled for the money. 

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