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FS 1928 Model A Hupp sedan


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A project I will never get to, Drove it on the trailer and into its parking spot under cover. Some repairs have been done. Needs more, there is no cloth upholstery, some drivers door and top wood needs replacement but I have enough for patterns The body is exceptionally straight and most chrome is in excelent condition. Has a heater. $4,400. Located in the Eugene area of Oregon.


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`JFranlin, I  posted this on the  Hupp face  book  page, as  we  have  a  club  member  close to  Eugene Or.  He  may  contact  you  about  the  car. You  say the  chrome is  pretty  good. That saves  about  $2000

just  not  to have to  do re plating. When  i  get  back to  N.H. in April , I will  be  selling a 1928  Hupp like  yours  but it  has 2  side mounts  and  a trunk. Hopes  tis  helps  you. Chuck M















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