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WTB: NOS or VGC Reatta outer door handle assemblies

Fox W.

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Hello,  first let me know if I have posted this in the wrong section, I didn't see a dedicated buy/sell area anymore for the Reatta.


My driver side exterior door handle broke last night.  Very frustrating and need to fix it ASAP as it's my current daily driver while I'm in CA where I store it. 

I gather the painted part comes with them and is not removable/transferrable?


I have an S13 color code Reatta, though I had it restored/repainted in 2012, so matching will be tough for that.  The car is beautiful and I'm trying to always keep it tip top.  

I need work on the hinges/door alignments too, I think this added stress is probably  contributed to the handle breaking.   


Anyway, let me know if anyone has anything very nice or NOS for sale for these, the car is otherwise beautiful and I keep trying to make it nicer over time.


Thank you,

- Fox

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In addition to part of the hall effect sensor being broken off, I found another broken part in the door with two wires connected through the door wiring harness that I don't know what it is. (last pic)  There are also other bits that not I'm entirely sure which are part of the hall sensor, or something else.  Pictures attached.





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