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are there any videos on how to clean a 1940s MoPar clock?

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Hi Marcapra,

if you Google Borg clock restoration, there is a great video showing how they operate and how to successfully make them run again.


Most just require cleaning of the contact points to see them telling time. Often owners did not get them repaired once they stopped working so the mechanism is usually sound. 

I repaired a Borg clock in my ‘63 Buick Riviera several years ago (2017) and it is still working well even though I sold the car. I also posted a detailed post with photos explaining what I did and will add it here.


Far better to get your original clock working a gain rather than substituting a modern quartz mechanism.


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While typing this, am just listing to the periodic thump from the clock while on bench test.


After looking at the different stories, decided to invest Aus$11.00 in a bottle of Shellite and after dismantling the Borg clock, soaked the mechanicals for a day. Periodically, I gently turned the wheel and got it to run for a few seconds.


While this was all happening, cleaned up the chrome bezel and removed some fine scratches on the lens with some car polish.


After a few times, it managed to wind down enough by itself to close the contacts and then consistently did this. Then used a needle file to clean up the points.


After letting it dry for a short time, used a La Belle model railroad oil with a needle point applicator on the axle points for all the gears.


Hooked it up to a 12 volt power source a few hours ago and it just keeps ticking away! 


So so forget the quartz conversion and try a clean and lube on the old one first. You never know what may happen! ?


From a very very happy Rodney from down under.




Just my two bobs worth from down under

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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Yes, I agree about conversion to a quartz movement.  People who want to convert to a quartz movement also want to convert to 12 volts.  People who want to convert to 12 volts also want to convert to a Chevy V-8 and disc brakes.  To me, the whole point of restoring an old car is to preserve history.  I got both of my clocks working, the new one and the original one.  The NOS clock had glass from the clock light bulb stopping the movement!  



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