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1924 24/45 Tie Rod Repair/Replace

John Nelson

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My final item in my chassis restoration is down to the “tie rod” it was badly damaged at one time and in the attempt to straighten it the tube was flattened to the point it can never look right again. Also the “Ball Ends and Cups” are very worn. I’m considering welding the socket ends on a new tube and replacing the ball ends & cups but think it would be better if I could find a useable used one. 

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Rare Parts carries the tie rod ball studs and ball cups.  The Buick Master and Early 6 "Ball Stud" is part number RP28308.  More expensive than used on the Buick Standard.   1 1/8" Ball vs 1" ball.   Note that I have included Buick Standard part numbers here for reference to others.  Pricing is 5 years old as well.   


While you are at it, Bobs sells the leather boots (or easy to make yourself). You can also buy new dust covers.  I had to modify them a little using a band saw and some sockets and a hammer.  The springs are available as well.   






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