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55 Buick special


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Hi I just picked up a 55 Buick special.  The transmission is leaking a ton from front by engine. I have a chance to pick up a 322 with transmission just don’t know if it will fit in.  Here’s some info on the engine and transmission I can pick up.  On the motor side immediately next to the bellhousning the number is 01165 65.    On the lock below the heads 1 3oT716 6.   The intake manifold 1165364-2.    The dynaflow is 1342992-6.     Anyone know if this will fit into my 55 special

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If it is a 322 the engine will fit,  but the dynaflows don't all interchange.  You have to measure the length.  Also if it's from a 56 it uses a trans cooler. I can find out what years and models interchange if that helps.  All the 55s look the same but the Special and Century are the same the Roadmaster and Super are different. 

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