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1960 Chrysler Windsor VIN number

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8103134947 is a strange serial number.  Maybe a phone number?  Post a photo of the serial number on the driver side A pillar and a photo of the body plate under hood and we can help you.  The serial number will only identify the model as a 1960 Chrysler Windsor, the plant it was built in (Jefferson Ave, Detroit..I think that is the only plant where Chryslers were built.) and the sequential production number off the line in the plant.  This production number is for all Chryslers built in the plant not just the Windsor.  In 1960 Dodge Polara and Matador lines were built in this plant as well.  I don't know if they had their own production number sequence or if they were combined in the Chrysler production sequence.  BTW, there are no "matching numbers" on this car.

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