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1927 Stutz wins Stevens Challenge


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I am researching the various Indy 500 races and found this picture I believe is not labelled correctly. Just prior to the 1927 Indy 500 the Stevens Challenge race had its innaugural run . There were only three cars at the event, all Stutzs. The race was clearly spelled out to be for strictly stock closed cars to run for 24 hours. Obviously, Stutz cars came in 1st and 3rd The third car at the event was an open car so not eligible, a Blackhawk speedster which was there just for testing. Stutz made a big image.jpeg.688a3f009b812e34c08e731805fb2052.jpegdeal about winning this race in the advertising of the day. This picture is attributed to the race and I believe is nt correct. For one, the lead car is a dual cowl car. It is definitely at Indy but for what event. Stutz did not have any race cars at the 1927 event but did supply a car to one of the AAA Officials. Does anybody have any info on this picture?

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I think you are right - the picture you first posted has little to do with the 1927 Stevens Trophy Run.

To start with, the first car is a 1929 M8 Stutz. Additionally, on the pit wall, behind the first car in your picture is '17 Guiberson Special'.  The pit names were painted in early May, shortly before the big race. A quick look at Indy history shows that Allan Guiberson entered car no: 17 for the 1930 Indy 500, and did not enter a car in '27, 28, '29, or '31. Given that the trees in the distance are bare, that would date the photo as late 1930 to early 1931. By May 1931 'Guiterson' would have been painted over.

Stutz used the Indy track to shake down their production cars, so seeing such a large Stutz on the bricks was not unusual. I don't think the cars in the background are Stutzs.

Good luck with your research.

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