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  1. I have a number of Allantes and the trunk pull down and rear top pull down are always issues-both use the same motor/lull down but the upper mechanism is different. These same exact trunk pull downs were also used on Lincoln Town Cars and Mark VIIs. (They were stopped because people were not smart enough to pull their fingers out on time). The interesting thing is the Lincolns hardly ever have a problem, yet GMs are problematic-don't know why. I'm not sure a power tonneau on the Reatta is a great idea. I shattered the window on one once by pushing it down and the folds were not quite right-and as you know it then needed a complete top as the window could not be replaced by itself.
  2. I just bought an Allante in Mich and shipped to Boston non running was $750. Often it is only an extra 50-100 dollars for non ops.
  3. Hi-I am researching the Indy 500 Pace cars and need help with the Pace Cars from Buick, mainly the 75 and 76 cars, and the 83 Riviera. I have seen the website on the Rivieras, and have info on about 50 of the cars. Some were white cars with red interior, others were the Riviera XX hardtops. Does anyone have info on these cars, or collect VINs, owners names, etc? I did find the sheets on line for the 75 Indy Cars. these sheets were made out by Indy as assignment sheets to keep track of who received the car for the Indy Festival. The cars were often loaned for a week-month to local dignitaries, and members of the 500 Festival Committee. I do have these sheets for a number of years, but nothing on the 76 or 83 cars. Any help on the history, VINs, assignments, etc of these cars would be helpful. I have a few Facebook pages on the Cadillac Allantes that paced the 92 race, the Ford Mustang and Cobras in 94, I also found all 200 Riviera Silver Arrows and have a Facebook page on them as well. (This post won't accept the links to these pages, so just do a facebook search). Thanks for any help.
  4. You have to expand the conversation by clicking on the picture and "previous comments"
  5. Continuing my research on the Indy 500 Pace Cars, now on 1983. The Riviera was selected as the Pace Car and as a result Buick built 502 Riviera XX. 500 were hardtops, 2 were convertibles. These two convertibles were the actual Pace Cars at the track. One is supposed to be at the Indy Speedway Museum, the other at the GM Heritage Canter, but maybe at Briggs Buick GMC in Manhattan, Kansas. Tom Sneva, the winner of the race, supposedly also has one, but the custom of giving the winner of the race the actual Pace Car had ended long before this and the winners were offered one of the Festival Cars. For 1983 the Festival Cars were not the Riviera XX models, but a white with maroon interior 1983 Riviera convertible. There were supposedly 60 of these Festival Cars. All the decals from the track may have been removed before the cars were sent to dealers, so people may not even realize they own one. There may also have been some of the Riviera XX models at the track as well. Though all the Riviera XX models were V8, it is believed most if not all of the Festival Cars were a V6. During the event a list of VINs was provided to the track to use to assign drivers, etc. Does anyone have this list? Anyone have any of the VINs? Or anything else on these cars? Thanks
  6. The dash numbers were just sent randomly to the owners. This is car #9 by VIN sequence, and probably odes have a badge #187. Look at car #6=badge #183 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810363455669185/
  7. The numbers were nit assigned to a car in specific orders. Check the spreadsheet of all 200 cars here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810363455669185/
  8. I am researching the various year Indy 500 Pace Cars and festival cars. the goal is to have as searchable database where owners of these cars can verify them and see build info. A number of years are complete, and I am now working on 1996. The actual Pace Car was a Dodge Viper and they also had Dodge Avenger Festival Cars and the special Indy Edition Ram truck. The Vipers are known, and I am nearing completion of finding the VNs of all 3212 Ram trucks produced (only 20 were used at the track). I am batting zero finding anything on the Avengers. There is usually a list the track uses with VINs, assigned drivers, companies, etc. Though I have these for a number of years, I do not have anything for 1996. Does anyone know where I can access such a list? Does anyone know where a red 1996 Avenger festival Car may be, or just the last six of the VIN? Will be working on the white 1991 Dodge Stealth Festival Cars next if anyone has any information on them. Thanks for any help.
  9. Thanks for the input. The yellow was "Competition yellow" and was a photosensitive paint. Only 107 converts and 171 coupes (Corvettes) were painted this color, one of the rarest Corvette colors. This yellow was not the same yellow used on the Berettas. The teal however was the same for both cars. The convertibles were all crushed or sent at trade schools except for the three that went to Indy. There are a few still at some trade schools, and one seemed to have escaped and was titled in Texas as recently as 2014. I am especially interested in what happened to the third Pace Car. PPG was the race sponsor and got a number of Pace Cars from at least 1984 (Fiero) to 1994 (Mustang SVT). They also made other cars into Pace Cars such as the AMC AMX or Reatta Pace Cars. It is strange this actual Pace Car just disappeared, and I am still thinking PPG had it, just can't find any data on it anywhere. Any ideas?
  10. While researching the various Indy 500 Pace cars, i found the Reatta was twice selected for the Pace car duties for 1988 One Lap of America and 1990 Great American race.The 90 convertible had to be a real early build as the article mentions production will start on them soon. Anyone have any other information, or know where the cars are now? 1990 article dated 7-10-1989 and 1988 article dated 4-15-1988
  11. A little bit off topic but maybe you all can help me out. I am researching all the Indy 500 Pace Cars through the years and have finished much of 2000-2018 and have started on the earlier ones. I am currently working on 1990, which is a strange year for Pace Cars. The Chevrolet Beretta was chosen to pace the race, and Chevy planned on sending beretta Convertibles in either yellow or Teal to the track. However, just like the Reatta, they were deemed unfit for use and all were either scrapped or sent to trade schools. A total of 96 convertibles were made, to include 50 that were earmarked for the track. I've seen a list of trade schools that received a 91 Reatta convertible. Where did this list come from? Looking for the same thing for the Beretta. Anybody know anything about these conversions and who did them (Cars and Concepts I think). Three yellow cars were sent to the track and became actual Pace Cars for the race. Highly modified and restructured cars. One is in the Speedway Museum, one was in the GM Heritage Collection but auctioned off in 2009 and is now in the Chevy Hall of Fame in Illinois. The third car is missing. Did PPG get it? The winner of the race did not get it-he got a yellow 'Vette festival car. because the Berettas were not going to the track 80 Corvettes in Teal or Yellow were sent to be Parade or Festival Cars, as well as 43 white Camaros. (why white?) Chevy did make 4500 yellow or teal coupes to be sold through the dealers. Thanks for any help you may have!
  12. I have completed the article I was writing on the 1999 Riviera Silver Arrow. I was able to find the VIN and build info on all 200 cars, plus the build date, options, and first and last titled, etc. I am lacking a number of the numbers assigned to the cars, so if anyone has one and could post the car number from the dash along with the last four digits of the VIN I will add it to the spreadsheet and update it periodically. (The number without the VIN won't help). The comments at the beginning of the narrative are turned off to keep it in a specific order. However, feel free to join the discussion and add your comments, pictures, etc. thanks. here is the link to the article. You will have to click on "Show Previous Comments" a couple of times to expand the selection: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810363455669185/
  13. I have completed the article I was writing on the 1999 Riviera Silver Arrow. I was able to find the VIN and build info on all 200 cars, plus the build date, options, and first and last titled, etc. I am lacking a number of the numbers assigned to the cars, so if anyone has one and could post the car number from the dash along with the last four digits of the VIN I will add it to the spreadsheet and update it periodically. (The number without the VIN won't help). The comments at the beginning of the narrative are turned off to keep it in a specific order. However, feel free to join the discussion and add your comments, pictures, etc. thanks. here is the link to the article. You will have to click on "Show Previous Comments" a couple of times to expand the selection: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810363455669185/
  14. I know the Select 60 program was for the top dealers, and in 88 and 90 the dealers were given the option of buying a special Reatta, and I believe in 82 (?) there was a special Riviera but was there other Select 60 cars for any other years? How did a dealer become a Select 60 dealer? Is there a listing anywhere of the dealers selected in various years? I am just finishing research for an article on the final 1999 Riviera Silver Arrow. Only 200 were made, and were assigned to dealers before they were even introduced to the public. I am trying to figure out how these dealers qualified for a car. Six cars went to Canada, 10 were used by Flint Execs, the other 184 sent to various dealers. Anyone have any info? Know who the top dealers for 98 may have been? thanks
  15. I have found all 200 VINs and have completed the Autocheck on all of them. Have the build info as well and will publish this weekend and post the link here. Alan, if you want to send me your email I will send you the database ahead of time. I'd also appreciate anything you have with the car numbers and the matching VINs. I only have 11 Car numbers matched to a VIN, plus the last one at the Heritage Collection. (I'm betting there is no number on it because GM realized too late plate number "200 of 200" was sent along with another car). My email is tbenvie@comcast.net. Does anyone know the name of the company that made the numbered plates? Where the Silver Arrow components put in the box by GM or outsourced to a company who then sent the filled box to GM? The first ten cars were made the beginning of Sept and titled to Buick Executives-and two of them did not have sunroofs! Here are the first eleven: A few other questions: Are GM parts departments still able to get original selling dealers in the computer? About ten years ago the local Buick dealer helped me out with Select 60 Reattas, but they are no longer in business. The 93 Camaro Pace Car had one car exported to Hawaii had the Hawaii required front bumper, code "VH3". What is special about bumper in Hawaii? Just absorbers, or cover, face bar etc? How did Buick decide only 200 would be built? If I look at a population map, I would find southern New England quite dense, yet one was sold in MA, zero in RI, two in CT. Six in NY, four in NJ, three in MD, zero in DE. Just wondering how dealers were selected. Here is the dealer breakdown: More when I publish the article. Thanks. Still looking for car #s matched to last 4 of the VIN.
  16. Hi Alan-Do you have any VINs lower than ? Thanks
  17. Did the last car from the heritage Collection have the #200 out of 200 plate? Thanks
  18. I recently retired and am putting my history degrees and automotive background together into some interesting research projects. With some connections I have in the automotive business I have access to some information not usually available. I've researched the Indy 500 Pace Car Replicas for a number of years, just finishing the 93 Allante (used for the 92 race), 94 Cobra, and 93 Camaro. I've also compiled data for all Reatta convertibles, 1969 AMC Hurst AMX Super Stock AMXs, 1996 Diamond Anniversary Lincolns and many other cars. On a whim I saw a 99 Silver Arrow so thought I would research the 200 made, and found some discrepancies with common knowledge I would ask help with.1-The cars were definitely not the last 200 Rivieras made. There were 2156 Rivs made in 99, and VINs 2145-2156 were Silver Arrows, but 2144 was not. Nor was 2118, 2116, 2115, 2114, 2113, 2004, etc. I have the VINs of 195 of the Silver Arrows, and am missing the first five I need help finding.2-The numbers on the car were not in any sequence. For instance, there is a YouTube video of car #4 out of 200. The last four of the VIN is 2030 as shown on the title in the video. This is actually car #96. Car #124 out of 200 is actually the 84th car built. #171 out of 200 is actually the 11th car built. If anyone could send me the last 4 digits of the VIN along with their car # I would add it to the list. I know the parts came shipped to the dealer in a box in the trunk and had no order. Were the headrest covers part of this box?3-I saw an ebay ad with a sign on the last Riv stating production ended on Nov 11. There were 61 cars made that day. However, there were 31 cars made Nov 12, and 3 cars made Nov 16. The last car VIN 1G4GD2217X4702156 shows through CarFax as never been registered. I believe it is in the GM Heritage Collection. 4-The lowest VIN i have is 1G4GD2214X4701756, the only one I have made on Nov 4. I am pretty sure the five VINs I am missing are lower than 1756 and made on or before Nov 5. Anyone have a lower VIN?5-I've run a Carfax report on the last 75 cars thus far (will do the others soon). Three cars have been scrapped: 1G4GD2216X4702102, 1G4GD2218X4702103, 1G4GD2214X4702129. Three others have rebuilt titles, meaning they sustained damage at one time. Besides the last car, 1G4GD2218X4702120 shows no report of being registered. When I can find the last five VINs and finish the CarFax reports I will publish the results. I would like to have some good clean photos of specific Silver Arrow items: keychain, floormat logo, dash emblem, sticker price, etc. especially would like a opy of the installation instructions found in the box with the Silver Arrow items in the trunk. Any help would be great. Here is two Faceebook pages I did on the Allante and Cobra Pace Cars: Allante: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810267675909744/ Cobra: https://www.facebook.com/groups/200776700706982/?hc_location=group 1969 AMC Hurst Super Stock AMX: www.superstockamx.com
  19. Right in front of it is an 85 Vette-with a gallon of paint spilled on the floor-still there all hardened, can and all
  20. Everetts Auto Parts on Thatcher St Brockton MA has a red w/tan interior 90 Reatta coupe. Very rusty sunroof panel, terrible shape interior, but has the factory CD complete that is very nice. regular seats, headlights are down so could be working. Windshield is near perfect. cars only stay in the yard a week or so, it's self serve and prices are more than cheap. each part is leisted here: http://www.everettsautoparts.com/u-pick-parts-lot/ Doesn't matter what car it comes from, all the same price. VIN 907963
  21. tbenvie

    book on Reattas

    I have already posted all the production numbers for 1991 Reattas, to include colors, interiors, trim, seats, etc. This info came directly from GM and is accurate. There were no final build Polo Green 91 converts built. There were however, numerous VINs where a car was not built.
  22. The build sticker was on the decklid in early cars, then went to the spare tire well. There were a number of fastener changes in regards to the dashboard instruments and the plastic rockers. rear storage covers were carpeted underneath. There were three different wire harnesses for the car. I know this because I bought one a few years old that had a small fire in the passenger footwell. The connectors behind the dash melted together. I replaced everything from a parts car and some things wouldn't work right. Parts Dept told me I had the wrong harness. I believe there is a paper tag near the connectors with the part numbers.
  23. Local glass shop has a used Reatta windshield for $350. Installation is available for extra cost. He has done a number of Reattas for me so I can vouch for his work. Shop is in the Brockton, MA area. No shipping.
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    Early 88

    I also had a very early car plus bought parts from an even earlier car. There were a number of differences from the other 88s that i believe I documented on this site. If you are going to part this it may be helpful if you take a lot of pictures. Two big things I remember from them is they both did not have a screw holding the escutcheon in place where the shoulder belt comes out of the upper panel, and the real early one had carpeting under the storage lids in the back. One of the early Buick data books actually shows these lids with carpet underneath.