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New Sportsman Trunk Veneer


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This is from a car that is being restored elsewhere. On these I break the veneer up into four sections the edges of which will be hiden behind the frame. There are five pieces of veneer fit together to make this panel. The pieces are as big as the shape will allow. This will get glued on by vacuum. I will probably glue all four sections individually, could possibly do two at a time but that's all I would attempt working by myself.



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I'm not doing anything to the frame, it went back into the shipping crate right after I took these pictures. Some of the epoxy comes through the pores in the wood during the vacuum process. I scrape most of that off as soon as I can, before the epoxy fully cures. 80 grit does a quick job of smoothing everything off and removing the rest of the epoxy. It'll get sanded to a finer grit, I just wont be the one doing it. I don't know how fine they will go with it, but straight grained wood and clear finishes are about as forgiving as it gets, you could varnish this right now and you would have to look pretty close to see the sanding marks, so probably not as far as you might think. The Maple will have to be sanded finer that the veneer, the wider grain will not hide the sanding marks nearly as well as the veneer. Clear finishes in general though are pretty forgiving, unlike stain, which brings out scratches you were sure did not exist, no matter how much prep work you do.

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