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Original Documents that came with the TCs?

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     Hi all,

     Wanting to confirm what were the original manuals and documents that came with the 1990 TC's? I know of the following:

- 1990 Blue Owner's Manual

- 1990 Warranty Booklet

- 1990 Original Sticker

- 1990 Customer Arbitration Board

- Top Operation and Storage Manual


Was there also a Chrysler Sound Systems Booklet for 1990? I've seen this listed with some of the listings/mentioned, but didn't know if that was only certain model years of the TC, or not given with all cars originally? Also, heard mention of an airbag booklet?


Anything else I'm missing?

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Ah, the 1990 TC by Maserati—a classic! It's really cool that you're taking the time to dig into the original documents that came with the car. Your list looks pretty comprehensive, and you've definitely nailed the essentials like the Blue Owner's Manual, Warranty Booklet, Original Sticker, Customer Arbitration Board, and the Top Operation and Storage Manual.
Given how thorough you're being, have you considered creating a virtual fake ID for the car itself? There are services that offer virtual fake ids. This could be a quirky way to catalog your vehicle, especially if you're showing it off in any online forums or for private sales.

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Not sure if this is everything, but mine has the sound system booklet and cassette, air bag tri-fold glossy, top operation & storage booklet, customer arbitration board booklet, Michelin tire warranty booklet, owner name change form, owner's plaque form & envelope and a crystal key.  My California car has a California Air Resources Board booklet.  There is also a very classy pen & pencil set, but I'm not sure if this was a Chrysler item or TC specific.

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