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  1. Thanks for your response Turbo Kane. If anyone reading this has what I am looking for please reply to my email address or to this site.
  2. Hi Turbo Kane, I'm looking for the driver's side ginger colored plastic seat belt cover that attaches to the seat on the left side near the floor. It must be in good condition, no cracks and complete. Let me know if you have this item and cost including shipping to Williamsport, PA. 17701. I can pay with PayPal. Email me at: rmtroutman@ gmail.com or respond on this site. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I agree with Hemi, a 50/50 mix of a quality brand extended life anti-freeze and distilled water will be all you need. Make sure you buy straight anti-freeze and not the prediluted type that you don't add water to. They are about the same price and a gallon of straight anti-freeze and a gallon of distilled water is a lot less expensive that two gallons of the prediluted antifreeze. Think about it.
  4. Checkout Rockauto.com. They have remanufactured rear calipers at reasonable prices for the TC plus some rebuild kits.
  5. Hi, I have an original radio-cassette player from a 1990 Chrysler TC Maserati. See attached photos. I replaced this unit with a new unit and have it as a spare. It worked perfectly, prior to being replaced. I will sell the unit pictured for $60.00., shipping included. If you are interested let me know at : rmtroutman@gmail.com. Thanks.
  6. If these rims have the center cap, I would be interested. Let me know the condition. I'll await your response. Respond to: rmtroutman@gmail.com. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I need one good wheel center cap, if you have any available from your parts car. Please reply to: rmtroutman@gmail.com. Thanks.
  8. Hi, While I don't need any radios, I have several myself, I could use one good wheel center cap. If you have any available, reply to rmtroutman@gmail.com. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, What I've found in researching these wheel center caps: The following is a list of suppliers and prices. rdiperformance.com $50.00 each plus shipping of $5.00 via Priority Mail. Contact: Rick TCparts .com $45.00 each plus shipping of approx. $5.00+. Contact: Larry Arizonaparts.com $35.00 each plus shipping of approx. $5.00+ Arizonaparts is closed until Septembershipping 20th. Contact: RearCounter.com These are all new caps in original packaging.
  10. Hi everyone, l'm seeking the center cap for the OEM wheel. Either very good used or NOS. Anyone have one for sale? You can email me at : rmtroutman@gmail.com with particulars. Thanks.
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