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Twin cylinder Brush engine , Missing !

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Hello all BRUSH fans ,  Please keep eyes open, If anyone sees this twin cylinder  BRUSH  it actually belongs to someone else ,  Me ,  Was purchased from Aumann Auctions Nokomis IL , This engine was actually sold on the Schurman Iron ranch collection sale ,  Aumann hauling was used to get it to the Aumann auction HQ at Nokomis IL , See a picture of my Brush motor sitting with other items waiting for the  truck , But when the collection  truck got there  the BRUSH was gone with less than  satisfactory answer from Aumann Auctions as to its whereabouts !  So please be on the lookout for this engine , It would be great if it just happens to turn up , Its my understanding two cylinder Brush engines a very rare indeed , I have been a buyer with Aumann auctions for a number of years and mostly a very good outcome ,  BrushengineatNokomis.PNG.3bd3c139519950b9435a05d927603e1b.PNG



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Hello Simon ,  I don't actually know the history of my twin cylinder Brush engine ,  Although it has very well made mounting brackets which make me think it was set up for stationary work ,  I remember reading somewhere about a Brush twin on a generator , and i think the owner fitted the twin to his Brush car ?


I have not given up looking for my missing twin cylinder engine , The auction house claim that items are checked off the invoice  when collected , But in this case the engine could not be found on site Although it was there a few months before when the picture was taken ,   There is actually more items belonging to me  than just the Brush engine missing from the auction site , The Illinois Attorney General is on the case now,


Roger, Thanks for the comments and  picture of the Oakland twin , Looks to me the the Oakland crankcase and my twin have the same crankcase casting ?

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