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  1. 6 months on and the brush has come together, there is still more to do but it’s drivable. The guards are temporary wooden ones so it’s legal to drive on the road and the bonnet (hood) still needs to be painted.
  2. As I turn to the transmission in my restoration , is any one aware of the thickness of the original bronze clutch disc’s? My thinnest is 3.7mm I know hyster forklift disc’s (part #113486)can be fitted with machining to the discs .
  3. I was lucky, the radiator and caps came with the car. I see Brasswork Radiators are planing on doing a run of Brush radiator soon. As for hub caps they are available here, not cheap.. https://vintageandclassicreproductions.com/product_brands/1907-1913-brush/
  4. Interesting it has no thread. what other parts do you have?
  5. We are a few week on and progress is going well. next on the list is I have started on the engine rebuild then onto the diff and gear box, and need to sort out mudguards(fenders for the USA folk) and bonnet(hood).
  6. Fantastic information, do you recall if they where the complete height of the rear panel of smaller? I was thinking it may have had a small drop down tail gate and the top hinged up. if you happen to come across the photo again I will be very interested in seeing it. I have most of a runabout body built and in primer and to build a small box on the rear would be easy and something different, I would like to get it as close to as original spec as possible. thanks Simon
  7. Hello, would anyone have any further photos of a “special delivery” ? I am assuming that this may have had a lid on the box.
  8. Hello all, As my focus is onto the body building now, we have found this picture and are keen to build this van. It appears to be built on a runabout body and length, Has anybody seen any other pictures of this van? I am trying to work out the side body panels, as from this picture the back of the body seams to be straight up and the side seems to be not as wide as the seat area. Any thoughts?
  9. Are my steps liberty steps in the pictures? I was told they where Brush
  10. 3 months down and we are getting somewhere, I think we are going ok. still looking for the following parts, would appreciate any help in locating the following. *Exhaust Manifold*Oil breather assembly to suit D model*D style tail shaft with Uni blocks* Right-hand front mudguard bracket* Seal cover for Jack shaft x1* running board bracket x1* running board cross braces x2*also I need to make mudguards and a bonnet.
  11. Yes I have have brought a couple of bits from him, very painful. It took seven week for him to come up with a price and freight.
  12. Would anyone happen to know of any of the following Brush parts around that maybe for sale. *Exhaust Manifold *Oil breather assembly to suit D model *D style tail shaft with Uni blocks * Right-hand front mudguard bracket * Seal cover for Jack shaft x1 * running board bracket x1 * running board cross braces x2 *also I need to make mudguards and a bonnet. Thanks Simon
  13. Thank you Bloo for you reply. those links and details are very helpful. I note that 760x90 is a very similar size tyre, so 28x2-1/2 also fits a 23” rim.. The project I am working on had as standard 28x3 (22”rim) or option up to 30x3 (24”rim), I have good 30x3-1/2 wheels (23”rim) and here in Australia you pay very good money to have have new wheels made, around 4K for a set of 4.... so instead of spending a lot of money on wheels, that’s why I’m searching for the narrowest tyre, otherwise it’s going to look like It has big fatty tyres on compared to the standard 3” wide tyres.
  14. Hello All, I have been doing a bit of research into the narrowest/thinnest 30x3-1/2 tires. I have looked up the various websites and come up with a list, but we all know what is listed isn’t always what the actual size is. Some brands don’t list the over all width just the tread width. I have spoken to a tire company and they just said “look on the net” So far on paper Wards has the narrowest tread at 2.38” with the Firestone at 2.50”, I would be interested to know if anyone has the Universal Ribbed tire, on it’s actually size, tread width, overall all width and overall size. Thanks Simon
  15. Hello from Australia, I have purchased this Brush pictured below. I am slowly going through the parts and working out what we have and don’t. The history of the car that it was sold new in Perth in 1910 then found on a farm in 1964 and we purchased it from this owner after owning it for 57yrs. Parts I am looking for are, *Exhaust Manifold*Oil breather assembly to suit D model*D style tail shaft with Uni blocks* Right-hand front mudguard bracket* Seal cover for Jack shaft x1* running board bracket x1* running board cross braces x2*also I need to make mudguards and a bonnet.
  16. Hello, I have recently purchased an in complete breeze carburettor and looking for the following parts, air valve assembly mixture screw/pin needle and seat assembly.
  17. Thank you Benoit, I appreciate you taking photos for me. Yes it appears to be a home made spring, but it could be the correct one, who know. I will check out the other forum.
  18. That is a fantastic looking unit. I would be very interested in what springs it uses in the air valve. As mine has none, and from reading the info you supplied there was two springs.
  19. Thank you Benoit, this help me regarding how they set up the spring rate on the air valve. thanks again
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