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Rare NOS 1931 Buick headlight switch for sale on E-bay- not mine, someone may need.

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I still search E-bay newly listed 1931 Buick stuff daily.  It's a total waste of time most days but yesterday a particularly rare part, the steering gear mounted headlight switch came up in the search.  I know this is the correct part for 31 60/80/90 cars and the listing says it is used on 50 series cars as well.  Price is outrageous, seller know this is a rare find.




1931 Buick, 1931-1936 IHC NOS Headlamp Light Switch Delco Remy 486Z GM 1840801 | eBay



Pictures of my 1931 Buick 60 series headlight switch and cover installation. 



Like so many 31 Buicks my throttle lever, a pot metal casting, was broken.  I bought a cast aluminum 31 Cadillac throttle lever and modified it to work.



Original Delco Remy cover pictured


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