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1919 Overland Touring model 90 hood lacing for cowl

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I matched up the existing lacing (cowl and radiator) of my 28 and found the same sizes at Synders Antique Auto.



Do you have a sample or part number? The WOKR library would have detail drawings.



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Hi, I do not have any remnants or part number. The cowl is part of a period 1930's race car I am trying to get back together. Identified as a 1919 . The hood on it ( not original ) to an overland sits on top of the cowl and see holes for rivets. Did not know how wide and high  and weather original was double bump style with rivets in the center of the valley or just plain  flat webbing. Do not want the rear of the hood sticking up too much. I will check out some suppliers. Thanks for the reply, appreciate it.

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