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Door weatherstrip source.


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Does anyone have suggested sources for woodie door weatherstripping other than Steele? My car is a 1941 Buick.  I’ve looked at Steele but am curious if anyone has other possible sources. Thanks. 

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Thanks Joe.  I didn’t realize Cars had weatherstripping. I’ve always gone to Steele as the default. Cars seems to have some shapes Steele doesn’t have. As you may know, the Hercules bodied woodies may well have had their own supplier separate from Buick. The contour of my old weatherstripping seems different than what Steele specifies for the 1941 Buick woodie. Their spec is the same item as they specify for all 1941 Buick Special body styles.  I think I’ll get some samples from Cars and see how close they are to the original. Thomas Schuttish aka Shootey. 

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I did look at Metro as well as CARS.   As you may recall, I did one door a few months ago. I used the Steele part for 1941 Buick series 40B which they said worked for all styles including the wagon. It worked reasonably well. Now I’m tackling a second door.  My closer observation revealed that the original rubber was rather different than the Steele specified part. 

I decided to surgically remove a section of the original rubber. The rubber is hard as a rock and brittle. I carefully cut out a section and was able to clearly see the end view. In fact it had a hole in it which I assume acted as a compression shock when new.   

Once I got a good look at the end I was able to do a comparison with all that Steele, Metro, and CARs had to offer. The best match was Steele part no. 70-0311-73 claimed to be an exact match for 1939-52 Crosley. It doesn’t have a hole in it but it has contours and dimensions that are quite close.  I kind of think Crowleys are cute and am pleased that it works. I’ve seen a Crosley Hot Shot race at Laguna Seca and they are fun and quite a contrast to 427 Cobras. 

I’m going to get a sample from Steele to be absolutely certain it will be the best choice. Thanks for all your help. 


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