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First gen Hemi heads


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331 354 392 Hemi Heads Ported Need Complete rebuild 1407208 | eBay


Advertised as industrial, however when I looked up the casting number in Leo's book it says Cunningham Sports car.

I've been playing with early Hemis for years and never have run across a Cunningham sports car.


Cunningham sports car - Google Search


They must be a truly special set of heads that the seller doesn't know much about.

Unfortunately they have some repaired damage.

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I have a nice pair for a 392 engine that look pretty similar for a third of the money but they weigh 94 pounds each. Have a set of 331's too. I have been meaning to put the stuff on Marketplace locally, 14420.



You know, when I guys says "I have a ton of early Hemi parts" it just doesn't seem like that much.


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I have a pretty good collection of valve covers.

Fire Dome of course


Chrysler Marine

Chrysler Industrial

My non scripted are ceramic coated in silver/gray. I may end up painting over the coating. 

I think I have enough parts laying around to build another 392, Kinda keeping my eye out for a deserving hulk to put it in. 

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