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32 Hood Center Hinge needed

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Trying one more time to find a center hood hinge piece for a 32 Stude, like the one Rex sold to the guy in UK last year. Please. Mom is having the St Regis that my late dad didn't finish painted now... and it's nowhere to be found. 

Should be the same center piece for all 32 Stude models. IMG951596.jpg.a53f7dc9d77e8ccb02859aeae55619ee.jpg

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I'll start out by saying I don't have an extra, but it may help to know that I believe that it is the same configuration as on a 1931. Mine on the Four Season is approximately 41-42" long. It's hard to tell how long it is for sure, because of the blind ends that are under the end brackets. Your mother's car should be shorter, but that shouldn't make any difference though. Mike Gahlbach is looking for one for a project that he has been working on. Maybe the two of you could develop a plan of attack. Don Andersen had that 1931 President that he recently parted out give him a shout.



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I had the length measurement and lost it.  I think it was 38 3/8   the width was about 1 1/2  or 3/4 at the cowl  and tapers down to 7/8 at the radiator.    That taper will be the hard part.  On the plus side, a 1954 L C quarter molding is what I am looking at using.  


I could really use a picture of the underside of the hinge where the hood attaches .  

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