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Great Website for Columbia Automobiles

Steve Moskowitz

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This came to me today along with permission to share, betting some of you will really enjoy it!  Walt?


First let me introduce myself...  I'm Bruce Duffie, the grandson of Lawrence Duffie, who was the Head of the Gasoline Testing Department for Electric Vehicle Company of Hartford, CT, manufacturer of the Columbia cars (both electric and gasoline) from 1896-1913.


While not being versed on car repairs or details, when I get inquiries about Columbia cars, I usually refer them to AACA and VMCCA.


The site starts here...  http://www.bruceduffie.com/thecolumbia.html


...and continues for 93 pages!  While each page has a link to the next page at the bottom, perhaps of more overall importance would be this index page...  http://www.kcstudio.com/colindex.html








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