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Proper oil for a '54 322?


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The 1954 shop manual says use 20-W when temperatures are above 32 degrees. My '54 has 10-40 in it. Is this close enough to 20-W or should I be using a different viscocity?<P>Thanks

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There are as many opinions on the proper weight of oil to use as there are people out there. I was advised some years ago by an old-time mechanic that 30-weight was the oil to use in the older engines, so my '54 322 has a major brand of 30-weight. That is pretty close to the recommended 20-weight, and you want a thicker viscosity as the engine wears and tolerances become greater. Since I live in Texas, the 30-weight oil is not too much of an issue in the winter, but in a very cold climate, that heavy a viscosity would make a cold engine tough to crank, and might take awhile before it gets to all of the points it has to lubricate.<P>Pete Phillips, BCA #7338<BR>Ector, Texas

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