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1925 Nash Advanced Six: thrust bearing carrier clearance to transmission input shaft?


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So I've got a little quandary going here...


The thrust bearing carrier for the Borg and Beck clutch is worn out in my '25 Nash. I'm going to have a new one made locally...



The outside diameter can be copied no problem, there are unworn areas on the OD to measure. The inner diameter however is ugly, there is no spot unworn to measure from.


The carrier lives on the the transmission input shaft which is always turning, there is no sleeve between the shaft and carrier. I'm wondering what type of clearance would be appropriate for these parts. The clutch carrier is lubricated with 600W oil by hand at regular intervals. 


I was thinking maybe .010" which would give me .005" all around the shaft but I've got nothing to go on really. The transmission shaft must be hard because there is no wear on it, only the carrier which is worn up to .080" on the ends tapering tighter at the center allowing it to shimmy around. See the following video (ignore the knocking, working on that also)...


I would think .010" max for clearance but I'm open to ideas! Thanks in advance.

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