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Newport , Rhode Island summer 1913.

Walt G

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While trying to find some information my library I came across a 176 page program/book that I remember having but had not looked at in at least 5 to 7 years. it is a program- promotion soft cover book for Newport Casino  of 1913. Printed on high quality coated stock paper is in excellent condition and the paper type allowed photographs to be of the highest quality , clear details to be seen. This is a page from that , showing the main street ( still looks very much the same) There are a huge number of full page advertisements for automobiles listing who sold them etc, plus many others that give yo a true insight into that era before WWI . Photos of the mansions there, listing of who owned what. Ads for tires, steam ship lines etc. Many advertisements for European cars, gives a great view of what cars were actively being promoted for sale to the elite of that era .

NEWPORT RI street scene1913.jpg

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A great picture Walt and, as you know, the location has hardly changed...except that the traffic (at least in the summer) is impossible.


I read a comment once by an emigree Russian nobleman (he was speaking of 1920) that "Newport was more like Tsarkoye Selo than any place he'd ever been." (Tsarkoye Selo – "Czar's Village" in Russian was where the Imperial Family lived before WWI.)

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