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41 tail light lenses, other stuff

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Going thru my late father's stuff we came across over a half dozen unbroken '41 tail light lenses and a few bezels. Some appear NOS, some are faded up near the button. What is market value and is anyone here looking for some? Would like to help mom fund completion of his unfinished '32 model 55 st Regis. (NEED HOOD CENTER HINGE PIECE)

Also found a decent front lower '41 Commander bumper bar and a set of NOS rear leaf springs, wrapped, those are tough to ship but if you're in the NW for pickup and/or going to the SDC zone meet I'll make you a deal. 

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Sorry for the delay, I just saw this.  I think the fade up near the button is actually how they were made at some point.  Mine are both that way but I have also seen solid red ones.  Might have depended on the supplier or maybe when they were made.  There is a really solid market for these, I can't give you a price but put them on e-bay and you will get bids.  If the bezels are not pitted I am certainly interested.  If you list them or come up with a prices please let us know and I will take a look.  


I just went and did a search.  Looks like several have sold on e-bay recently:  1941 studebaker tail lights: Search Result | eBay  NOS Lenses sold for $400 a pair!  



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