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I have air bubbles in my fuel line, huh.


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The car is a 1915 McLaughlin with the 22 HP engine.  I plan to drive the car Saturday, changed the engine oil and started the engine in the garage, wouldn't settle down to a nice idle.  I would describe it as bucking and snorting.  I let it run to heat the engine and maybe settle down, it did not.


Next day I looked at the ignition points, measured them and felt for roughness, they are good.  I then took the cover off my Marvel updraft carburetor float chamber and found it dry.  I opened the fuel line tap and fuel entered the chamber, though a mixture of fuel with air bubbles.  I have a gravity fuel system, should be all fuel, 5/16th copper line.  There is a sheet metal engine pan between the exhaust and fuel line.


Regards, Gary



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