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For Sale: 1938 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan - $15,000 - Eagle Lake, MN - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1938 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan - $15,000 - Eagle Lake, MN

1938 ford 2 door standard sedan - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)
Seller's Description:

1938 ford 2 door standard sedan, one repaint 40 years ago, has digs, dents, chips, and touchups, to me it almost has that ratty survivor look people are trying to recreate today, I was told it’s the original flathead 85hp ford V8, it’s starts instantly and idles smooth, it runs and drives great, will do 55 no problem, I’ve taken the car on hour drives and no problems, but once in a while usually after I put new gas in it will kill, every time it’s the fuel filter, I keep a spare so it’s a quick fix but the tank is original and needs to be cleaned or replaced, the car was in storage 25 plus years and was only driven in short runs to keep everything lubed, all the dash gauges work, the lights are not working at this time, switched to 12 volt sometime in its life and has an electric fuel pump, I have 3 new catalogs of venders that sell every part on this car including new gas tanks so I think it’s an easy fix, car doesn’t leak any oil , it doesn’t smoke, brakes work, original running boards
Contact: Mark call or text(507) 3-two-7-two-3-8-six

Copy and paste in your email: 570b7ff7e6cd37979a74c7a4c31fe972@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1938 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan.

'38 ford standard MN a.jpg

'38 ford standard MN b.jpg

'38 ford standard MN c.jpg

'38 ford standard MN d.jpg

'38 ford standard MN e.jpg

'38 ford standard MN f.jpg

'38 ford standard MN g.jpg

'38 ford standard MN h.jpg

'38 ford standard MN i.jpg

'38 ford standard MN j.jpg

'38 ford standard MN k.jpg

'38 ford standard MN l.jpg

'38 ford standard MN m.jpg

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