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Any members here on other early V8 Ford forums?

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I'm a regular seller of Auto literature and have been selling off a rather unusual collection of Ford literature.  I'm into the Early V8 stuff now, 1950 and earlier.  Lots of dealer stuff more than the regular brochures.  I'm listing it all super cheap opening bids no reserve on ebay.  Most .99-2.99.   A recent ebay update has somehow almost completely eliminated views and bidders.  I'm sure alot of guys would love to have some of this stuff for their collections and cars.  Hate to see it all go for the opening bid to one of my regular Dealer customers if it even sells and other guys not get a chance.  If anyone could post this on one of those forums I would be very grateful. 

Here is a link to one of the items and pictures of a few others.  This is stuff I have never seen and expect I may never have available again. 

As always I gladly combine shipping and you can even run a tab to get the best deal on shipping.  International bidders welcome as well. 








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They sure are and the guy in the woody is working on his swing. 


Found it Ironic Ford used Dr. Seuss to sell the Ford.  I wish I had more of that stuff. 

Surprised they even let me list it on ebay,  That's a pretty controversial cover by today's standards. 

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