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Not a Buick owner (yet !)

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Hi everyone !


I'm Yann, 25 yo from Reims, France (Champagne !). I'm working as a night auditor in a luxury hotel since 2 years and quitting to become a photographer in the next months. I'm joining your community with the objective of sharing my experience (and issues...) in maintaining my friend's 1954 Buick Special that needs some attention.





(translation : Look at the size of that steering wheel)


So I hope that I can fin the parts and tips that will help me keep this Buick in good shape !


And then, here's my story with cars !


I'm somewhat a bit of a car guy since I got my driving licence, back in october 2017. I first bought a 2006 Ford Fiesta S, 1.6i gas engine. Kind of little toy to play with, 100hp (75kW), short gear ratio, ST-style bodyshop... Everything stock from factory. 




But soon after, I needed to find my childhood's car, that one special car that has written deep memories of the moments inside with my father driving during holidays : a Citroën XM. And I found one, in more or less good condition in Paris for a good price and high-end configuration.


So, in April 2019, I bought my 1990 Citroën XM, 2.0i gas engine (130hp, 97kW), and a wonderful, revolutionary (and leaky) Hydractive suspension. Black leather interior, ABS, computer controlled A/C.


This car is incredible. Just look at it, and you'll know why ! 







The red Pontiac is my dad's '79 Trans Am, Olds 403 and TH350. What a nice car to ride with, especialy in France, where people are not used to see that kind of pony cars ! He still has it, works nice.


Well then, I wanted a car to go in holidays with, that had gas and reasonably powerful engine - air conditioner - cruise control - good security - comfortable.


And I just found an unexpected Renault Laguna, fitted with a 2.0i turbocharged gas engine, 170hp (125kW), leather (heated on driver and front passenger seats) and some other gadgets. Very nice car, useful for long holiday trips.




Finaly, in november of last year, the Automotive museum of Reims director proposed me a car that was resting in the storage : a Renault 25 V6 from 1985 ! A real bargain considering its condition, and I loved the shape, so I bought it, and i'm still working on it, it has pretty much the same engine and injection system as the DMC-12 : a  PRV V6 (Z7V) with K-Jetronic system.




And that's all for me ! Thank you in advance for your welcome.


Greetings from France,



P.S. : Sorry if my english is not the best, I may merge between british and american, please forgive me, I'm trying my best ;)

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Welcome Yann!  Glad you chose to join us.  While we are Buick centered, your cars are very interesting.  It is fun to hear your affection for these cars as they are what you grew up with.  Being such, it reinforces that all eras of cars will have a following.  I hope all your cars give you good service and fulfill your desires. 


As to that 54, you have a Special one there.  A standard shift in these Buicks is a fun car to drive. Good luck with the issues.. It may help to start a thread in the Me and My Buick forum, even though it is your friend's car.  But if it is only general issues to write about, then we will look for your threads in the PostWar Buick forum.  


Good luck with your friend's Buick!


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