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Brush Advertising Booklet


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I am starting on a E-booklet that chronicles Brush advertising over the history of the company. Brush was very creative and prolific in the ways the company promoted the runabout. If you might have an interesting piece of Brush advertising or paper ads, please send a scan to Brushrunabout@gmail.com. Dealer ads would be great too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I recently acquired a very large 4 fold sales Brush sales brochure which measures about 18" x 36" and is printed on both sides. The rear side has about 75-80 photos of period Brush owners and their cars. I am trying to figure out how to reproduce it so it can be shared.  

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You may be able to use a decent flatbed scanner and multiple scans. Or talk to a copy center about possible large format scanning, or a true flatbed scanner that you can use to scan part at a time. Then you can stitch the photos together. If not, a place that does artwork prints from original art should have a high resolution camera & lighting setup. 

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i’ve been collecting Brush advertisements for a number of years. I sent over 70 ads I’ve collected from turn of the century newspapers and other sources to your email address. Many are undoubtedly duplicates of those you might have, but I hope you can use some. 

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