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Auto appraiser in Idaho


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Idaho might be a challenge;  but I'll answer based

on previous discussions on this forum.


People here do not have high opinions of most appraisers.

They have found that such appraisers don't have good

knowledge;  don't spend a lot of time;  tend to nit-pick

but may miss important things.  In short, they may be

someone who took a brief instructional course but isn't

an experienced, knowledgeable car expert.


I've bought several cars from long distances.  I've either

flown out to see the cars myself--the best option--

or, based on the forthrightness and perceived character

of the seller, trusted him and bought the car unseen.

Once, I had another AACA member from that area

look at the car for me;  I found him by calling the AACA

region near the car that was for sale.


Is the car the '73 Buick Riviera you inquired about on 

another thread?  The type of car makes a difference,

because someone who may know 1970's Buicks might

not know 1938 Packards, or 1908 Franklins, or 1950's




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