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40 K10 Headlight Parts needed

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I don’t think that I have any more of those parts.  You might check with Don Axlerod (Headlight Headquarters) in Massachusetts.  He has reproduced the “A” shaped clips.  I bought some from him several years ago.  The clips need some slight modification to fit. Not sure if he would have the spring or the spring seat



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I’ll look and see what I have.  Tom sent me the parts he had left.  I just finished restoring my headlights on my Dictator.  I know I have a bunch of the spring cups and springs.  If I don’t have the A-clips, Don Axelrod from Headlight headquarters will have those.  I also have a bunch of the stainless rings that go on the headlight buckets if you need them.  I’ll check tomorrow and get back to you.  You can send me a private message and  we can text if you want me to send pics of what I have.



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