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1926-27 Buick parts search


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Hello I’m trying to find someone parting out or have parts for a 1926-27 Buick Standard. I need a few parts and having trouble find i need the gas pedal… passenger door hinge…. a square metal piece for the passenger door post…light lenses for my front cowl and rear light system if you have any leads or have parts message me thank you for reading.

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Hi Servin, 

Attached is a photo of the floor parts you are looking for.  Your floor has carpet and mine is linoleum.  Bob's Automobilia sells the hard plastic gas pedal screw on mushroom top that threads onto the 5/16" accelerator rod.  The Ford Model A has a steel mushroom top with I believe the same threads.  


The cowl light lenses do show on Ebay occasionally.  Keep in mind that you have the Standard and they look the same as the Master, but they are smaller. 

                      Bezel OD          glass OD      rings

Standard     2 3/4"                1 3/4"             3 inside 1 outside

Master        3 1/8"                  2 1/4"            4 inside 1 outside


The tail lamp lens has a cup of clear glass that is 2 3/4" dia x 1 1/2" tall.  Then there is a red glass lens, and a metal retainer ring to hold the glass.   Langs Model T sells a tail light unit that is nearly identical to the Buick unit.  You can probably use the lens out of it, and the metal retainer is the same as what Buick used.  I think you can even buy them separately.  The reason the glass cup was installed was so that a hole could be cut in the sides and the light would illuminate the Buick emblem and the license plate.  These Buick tail lights do show up on Ebay at times.  With a little effort you could make the Ford Model T one look like a Buick tail light.  I used the Model T tail lamps as turn signal lamps as they look the same as the Buick lamp.    


I also found that you did some posting on other than the Buick Pre War site some time ago, so adding notes after looking at some earlier posts you had.

Your dashboard should look like mine with the following 2 exceptions.  Your oil gauge is 0-50 psi, and the Amp gauge is 0 to +-30.  At least according to the 1926 parts book.  What is in your car looks like closer to 1927.  I am not entirely sure what year your car is.  I think the speedometer moved next to the steering wheel in 1927, then it moved back to the far right in 1928.

Bobs has the parts to rebuild your ignition and light switch.  You will need the housing and both levers.   

Bobs may have the heat and choke plate, but sometimes he is sold out of these.


Getting back to your car year.  The radiator is 1927.  One or more instrument gauges is 1927.  The horn is 1927.  Either you have a 1927, or a 1926 with a lot of 1927 parts.  What is your engine and serial number?   






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These are my notes.  I bought it from www.restorationstuff.com    I allowed them to cut it to save on shipping.  

Trim  - L&L Antique and Custom Auto Trim (417)4760-2871  blandoll@hotmail.com

Floorboards (3/4” T molding) – requires 13 feet (L&L, www.restorationstuff.com)

You can save on shipping if T molding is cut into 4 foot lengths. 


Attached is the entire tech article on floor and running boards.    Hugh


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