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Free To Good Home-GM Valve and Rocker Components


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My mother passed away a couple of weeks ago. We have begun the process of cleaning out her house. My step-dad was the head mechanic at the local Chevrolet/Buick garage where I grew up. Amongst some of the things in the garage was a coffee can marked "valves". Theses appear to be used pieces but, knowing him if he saved them, they were good. I have no idea what they are from or for. I suspect all GM. From what I gather the 3974290 rocker arm kit was for the 58-89 GM small block V8. I know that this is a Riviera forum but, I also know many of you have or know someone with small block Chevys or other GM cars in general.  If anyone thinks they may be of value you, they are yours for shipping. I don't want to scrap them if someone could use them. PM me if interested. Thanks.




P.S. Does anyone know why pictures sometimes load cockeyed for no apparent reason? Seems to happen from time to time.









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