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1953 olds super 88 fender skirts to buy (pics)


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Hey folks,

I have a 1953 Oldsmobile super 88 four door and been contemplating getting some fender skirts. I found some decent priced ones on eBay but it is hard for me to tell if they fit. Was hoping someone can help determine if they will work or not. It seems like the skirts are about 3 inches too long than the opening I measured. Any info on if they fit or not is much appreciated! Thank you!C6E8D12D-B271-4AD4-96D0-3E92C3B028AF.jpeg.6fcc43f0d0922c833eba373128dda9c6.jpeg




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15 minutes ago, The 55er said:

They should fit your car. They mount outside over top of the wheelwell and should be slightly longer than the opening itself. All the 88 series skirts are the same from 1951-1953. They're fairly common items and there are many sets out there for sale. 

Thank you so much! I did a quick search and only found these on eBay. Thoughts as to which one you think would be best? I will sand, primer, and paint so as long as no major dings, they should be fine. Thanks again!

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5 hours ago, The 55er said:

A quick check of their website shows Fender Skirt Depot has no fender skirts available for this application.

Appreciate you looking! I recently did buy a pair off ebay and hope to get them on this spring! 

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