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  1. Great story! My utter lack of mechanical confidence keeps me from even taking off the head unless my buddy is around. If i did something like your friend did, i definitely would have said something to help with the diagnosis😎. Or know that i have a new crate engine being delivered and not care what i messed up! I would like to keep the original engine, adds to the awesome character of the car! Thanks again for the tale!
  2. I can work on a wildland fire engine and pumps but feel like can't do a damn thing with any other engine, lol!
  3. Pays the bills! It does take me to some cool areas!
  4. Thank you for the informative post! Really appreciate the links too! 👍
  5. I only do engine stuff when my friend can come over so i dont mess anything up, haha! I am not mechanically inclined and dont know the side cover to check! Looks like i will be headed out West to fight the large Oregon wild fire. Being a wildland firefighter helps pay for my classic cars but downside is little to no internet in remote areas for a few weeks. 😝
  6. Thanks Jack! We did some listening and the only cylinder with a consistent knock sound is the #1 cylinder with no compression which is why i dont think it is stuck but a mechanical issue. I want to try the mystery oil but sounds messy...especially getting it out after i put it in. Coworker and friend helping me listen:
  7. Thanks for the info choclatetown! My first go at a stuck valve/no compression and working on this engine! So much knowledge on this forum!
  8. Hey Uptown, thank you!! I will pm you next week when i see what is going on!
  9. thank you for the tip! I had one friend look at it and do what you said so i bought marvel mystery oil and had another buddy say it wont do anything to replace the head gasket. Both friends are excellent mechanics/engineers so i have a lot to learn. Thanks JFranklin!
  10. Afternoon, I have a 1936 two door sedan with 6 cylinder. Engine starts right up but noticed the engine shaking (maybe mounts) and a slight click near radiator. My friend helped do a compression check and 2-6 had 105 to 115 but cylinder 1 has 0. He told me to get a head gasket, oil pan gasket, and anything else that i should have before i remove the head. 1) where to buy a 1936 head gasket and oil pan gasket, 2) anything else you recommend i fix or replace when i remove the head? 3) is there a diagram that shows which engine bolts to remove first? Like remove 1 bolt near radiator side then remove a second on the firewall side? 4) lastly, anything missing or look out of place with the engine? Been having trouble finding an air cleaner for the carb. Thanks in advance!!!
  11. The pros always do! I am more concerned with using the right products to attack the surface rusting. Might start another post with pictures when I am ready to do the dash!
  12. Great info! I will try the sandpaper and polish trick first 36 d2 coupe. Mine will never be a show car and I don’t want her to be. I don’t mind a little rust and dings in an old beauty! I just don’t want to mess up the dash by doing something wrong. Beautiful job! I am looking on the grain it website now. I definitely need to prep my dash first as it is fairly rusty.
  13. Definitely will! You should have posted a diy video of the steps and process!👍
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