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  1. The pros always do! I am more concerned with using the right products to attack the surface rusting. Might start another post with pictures when I am ready to do the dash!
  2. Great info! I will try the sandpaper and polish trick first 36 d2 coupe. Mine will never be a show car and I don’t want her to be. I don’t mind a little rust and dings in an old beauty! I just don’t want to mess up the dash by doing something wrong. Beautiful job! I am looking on the grain it website now. I definitely need to prep my dash first as it is fairly rusty.
  3. Definitely will! You should have posted a diy video of the steps and process!👍
  4. Thanks for the tips! I have not looked under the dash yet to see the mechanism. I will get some grease and lube and maybe try this weekend. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for sending me those links, tons of great info and history! I haven't attempted to see if my windshield opens yet. Kinda cool to know i own a car that only about 37,000 were produced!! Once it warms up snd i can give her a good wash, will post a better intro topic with pics! Thank you
  6. Hey Uptown, i am hoping i can still submit my serial number to get the build info and see exactly what it was painted originally. I wish painting prices haven't skyrocketed like they have, sooo much cheaper to leave the patina and protect it than a whole new paint job! I have a '53 Oldsmobile too that was painted 3 different greens on each different panel! Lol
  7. Thank you for the great info Jack! I am doing the best google-searching i can do with my limited knowledge on that kind of metal used for the grill. Thanks again, any and all info is appreciated and very helpful!
  8. Been reading up on how to fix cracks in pot metals, still have more videos to watch. Noticeable if front bumper is removed, lol. Thanks for the info!
  9. Know pros where i live, lol. Paint is the last thing, interior and grill are number 1 on the list...interior is completely roached! Grill work i can do inside my house to stay warm 😀
  10. Thank you Jack M! I sent him a message. What about some good jb weld to help keep it in place and good for pot metal?
  11. Beautiful car and thank you for the info! I have contacted some places that can make the crank hole cover but they all start at $1,000 and go up! Just going to have to suck it up i guess! I like your car color! Debating on whether to paint mine or keep the original look in the pictures.
  12. Afternoon folks, I am a new owner of an all original 1936 dodge bros 2 door sedan touring, all original with the usual missing parts: two small side trim pieces and crank hole cover. I have found one, very expensive in the 4 figure range but original. My question for the folks with the crank cover on, did you weld the pieces together and smooth out the horizontal line so it looks like it was a part of the grill or just install and leave as is? I will be taking the grill off when it warms up to start fixing a few broken pieces on the existing grill. Any info and pics appreciated! Here is my new
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