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1964/5 Renault Caravelle


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Just picked up this car in pieces and missing pieces. Looking for tips on where and how to source parts and info on these cars. Spent the last 2 days searching on the web to find specs but most sites seem to repeat. It kinda has the 1108 engine in pieces, no oil pan. Looking for somewhere/one in North America that could clue some newbies about this car. Thx!!36EB87E6-1EE1-4E61-8466-1889A0B2B5DD.jpeg.013cf83f28b2f0291fa3484663b5cb76.jpeg

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Check out the Renault Club of America (www.renaultclub.us). 

I have no direct knowledge, but usually a club such as this is you best bet to find parts and support.

I will give you a bit of personal observation regarding these cars. I grew up on the east coast around Washington DC and Renaults of any stripe were rare and Caravelle Sedans even more so. Sourcing parts here is going to be difficult. I would think your best bet might be a supplier in France. Anyway, good luck with your restoration.

Lew Bachman

1957 Ford Thunderbird

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SebastienBuick is in France, active on the Forums and the French collector car scene, and has a great eye for cars. He may know of a parts source for your Caravelle or know someone who does. Don't know what you'd get into with shipping, but if they can get parts for their American cars, you should be able to get French car parts.


The problem with European cars in the US is that, with few exceptions, they were designed for European roads and traffic, not American Interstates. Spotty dealer and parts support when new didn't help and 55 years later is no better.

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