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1936 Zephyr Clutch service tips

Tom Laferriere

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Hi all, I would like to service the clutch in this car, however after looking underneath, it seems like a daunting task.  I have looked around the internet and forums for tips, however I couldn't not find anything.  Maybe I am using the wrong search terms.  At minimum, just a visual inspection seems difficult.  From what I can tell, you have to pull the rear axle back and the transmission out of the interior compartment.  


HAs anyone done this that could share some thoughts/tips?  


Thank you,


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You either pull the motor or rear end and torque tube which is the normal way. You have to get the rear of the car way up so you can pull rear end and spring backwards from underneath the car. You will have to pull the interior carpet so you can pull the pan from on top of the tranny so you can remove the tranny. Its not a two hour job!

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