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1931 Packard for parts $1500

James Vandyke

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Hello, I'm new here....   Call Ralph at 540 838 5982     for more information

My friend has a 1931 Packard that may have some usable parts.....I will post some pictures to get some opinions on what is usable and what is not...I really appreciate any imput...       ENGINE NUMBER 320927......... Somebody needs this engine!!!!





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See if you can find the engine number as well. The body data tag notes it was built in December 1930 so that says the car is a 1931 model year/parts chassis. The wheel style confirms that as well, not the same wheel used on the 1930. Will this be sold in tact? or would parts be sold off of it - which you/your friend would have to remove with some effort due to the rusting? Location is???

Note the wheel style on the photo near my signature that is what the 1930 wheel looks like - external lug not internal lug.

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The car is in Christiansburg, Virginia.........Thanks for the info.....He is probably open to selling either way....I'll post number from engine !

Owner says he will take the 1st $1000 for this 1931 Packard......call Ralph @  540 838 5982........if no answer call back Tuesday 10-17-21

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