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1989 Reatta, 138K miles, Engine or electrical problems. Will not run under 3000 rpm's.  Many parts replaced on the engine to no avail. Ran good before except bad gas mileage. Needs TLC.  Speakers are shot for the radio. Have new lock assy for trunk, the remote button in glove box clicks but doesn't release. Parts I've replaced on the engine include;

Crank Sensor

Harmonic Balancer

Serpentine Belt

Coil Pack

Control Module


Cam Sensor

Spark Plugs

Plug Wires

EGR Gasket

Has only been driven 4000 miles since 2013, Needs new tires as the old ones are starting to crack. Cat converter was replaced, Headlight Motor Assy's were replaced.  O2 sensor was replaced before i bought it. Brake pads were done about 2000 miles ago. 

Reatta 1a.jpg



Tailight cleaning with Aim toothpaste 005.JPG

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