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Flathead clean up

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Gave the motor a power wash today. An air gun is handy to get the water out of those plug recesses. A bucket over the air cleaner keeps water out of the carb too. The Hirsh enamel paint is lifting in a spot but that's for winter touch ups.  Restrictions are slowly lifting and I heard the car club is having a meeting tomorrow night. It's been 2 years without a car show and I've seen a few new classics running around town this summer. Time to check it out!


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Very nice indeed.This picture helped me as I have my '51 torn down and didn't take enough pictures of everything.I can't remember where and how some of the accessories attach to the engine.I painted my engine with the Hirsch paint also.It's darker than I expected but it looks like yours.


Could I trouble you to ask for more pictures of your engine?It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks,Andy J

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