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console and buckets - add


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Not sure on cost as Cutlass stuff can get expensive, but you'll need:

Floor shift steering column (69-72 will work)

Bucket seat floor brackets (available reproduction)

Bucket seats (from 69-72 GM A, E or AH-body car, 66-68 will fit but the backrest locks are different)

Console, shifter, and cable, plus the backdrive linkage from the trans to the steering column to operate the steering column lock

Floor shift speedometer (no PRNDSL) (1970-72 will work)

Lot of people have made this conversion, though I see way more Supremes with buckets than I do with a bench. You could get 'em either way, it was what is called a delete option.

Have fun!

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I don't know your location but if you can get to Austin, Tx I have several '71 and '72 Cutlass Supremes with complete bucket seat console setups still installed in the cars(6 or 7 of them). All in good shape although the seats would need recovering. 350.00 for complete package. This offer is for local pickup only as I do not have time to ship. Henry

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Let me know how you made out. I thinking about the same conversion.Any details on changing the colume shifter to the floor. whats needed.

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