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  1. I have a set of 4 nice driver quality, black accent paint faded out, will take 125.00 postpaid in 48 states. Can add a 5th one for 150 postpaid. Henry in Austin, Tx.
  2. Actually, 65-70 B-body GM cars are interchangeable, but disk brakes were only offered in 67-70. The B-body cars are the Olds 88, Pontiac Bonneville, Chevy Impala, and Buick LeSaber. The C-body cars may also interchange (Olds 98, Buick Electra, and Caddies) but someone else needs to verify this. During this year range each GM division had unique spindle design and the DO NOT interchange only Olds 88 and 98 interchange. Henry
  3. One other quick ID is that 5 inch bolt pattern uses a 13/16 socket to remove the lugnuts, while the 4 3/4 bolt pattern uses a 3/4 inch socket to remove lugnuts. Assuming the lugnuts are original to the car. Where are you located? Henry
  4. Does the driver side spindle have provision for the speedometer drive cable? If so that marks it as 65-70 full size rwd Oldsmobile. GM used a separate hub/rotor design prior to the 1971 model year. Henry
  5. Shoulder belt law took effect on Jan. 1 1968 so a '68 model year car built in calender year 1967 was not required to have them. Look at the build date on the Fisher cowl plate, if the month is 08, 09, 10, 11, or 12 it was still an option. 01 and later builds were required to have shoulder belts. Henry
  6. All 70-72 GM 2dr "A" bodies including 70-72 Monte Carlos and Grand Prixs. Henry
  7. I'm afraid that's not a 66 400 engine. Thanks for checking, Henry
  8. Check with Kim at SixtiesClassics in RedBud Il. 618-282-6560 or classics@htc.net. He owns a restoration shop and he just completed recreating the # 43 66 442 W30 car. He built a car around the air cleaner. Ask him for pics detailing start to finish on this car. Henry
  9. Need to know a little more info on some codes. (1)There's a date code cast to the right of the distrbutor, be a number between 1 and 365. (2)There's casting numbers/letter on the block surface behind the water pump and in front of the intake manifold. (3)Cylinder heads have a large letter cast in front of # 1 spark plug or behind # 8 spark plug. (4)Front of the right side cylinder there is a letter/number code stamped on a flat machined surface. Thanks, those codes will tell me all a lot of what I need to know, Henry
  10. Interested in the engine, was it from an automatic or standard transmission? Thanks.
  11. Check with Mark at 512-303-0833 in Tx. He's parting out 40 64/65/66/67 Skylarks/Special/GS cars. Henry
  12. Mark in Webberville, Tx. has 40 plus 64/65/66/67 Skylark/Special/GS parts cars. He may have the parts. 512-303-0833. Henry
  13. I think that's a 8 point fitting and it will accept the end of a rachet or breaker bar. Henry
  14. Call Mark in Texas at 512-303-0833. He has around 40 64/65/66/67 Skylark,GS/Specials of all body styles that he's parting out. Henry