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1949 Plymouth Business Coupe 15,000.00 Scottsdale AZ

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Saw car today while driving in Scottsdale AZ. On a tiny lot on 1107 N Scottsdale RD


Guy said it had the 6 cyl in it. Body nice, new paint, trim looked good. Dual non OEM spotlights on the A pillars and mirrors not correct.


Seat reupholstered. He did not seem anxious to spend any time with me. I did not take any pics. Did not bother to open up the car.


He acted like he didn't give a rat's ass if he ever sold it.


480 685 1787  Chris   he said text him

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15K should get you one in mint condition plus "a trip around the world" in Vegas and some change.


No sign up on the place. Nothing. I just happened by when the 2 brothers were there. I don't think

either of them knew how to find their ass with both hands behind their backs. They sure were lousy

salesmen. It seemed like there were less than 10 cars there. Weird.


I used to own a 1948 Dodge Business Coupe years ago so I was shocked to see one on a lot.

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