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Series 11A Front Wheel Felt Washer


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Know nada about an 11A but checking the Club site there is a tech discussion on Oct 31, 2009 that mentions using this seal for the front bearings on an 11A:  SKF Oil Seal 17191 from NAPA 
I will not c&p but if you are a member you can check by the date; if not, then you should be !!
All you do is use search for what you are hunting for and most of the time things happen ~~~

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Richard, thanks for the tip, I've been a member for almost 50 years and have been through the tech discussions but completely missed this one. Isn't it always the one you really need that you miss! Thanks again.

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I found the  "SKF 40X80X10 HMSA10 RG" seal for my 11A. A bit tricky to install as it has a rubber coating that causes it slip around. Also, don't put it in too deep, flush with the surface of the hub is about right: Puts the seal lip about center of the seal surface of the spindle. 

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